4 thoughts on “Boob Job – Aleska Diamond”

  1. I’m so glad she finally got it. She’s one of the best Eurosluts and it will be a great example. She looks great now!

  2. She said she was getting boobjob but for long time no news. I’m very happy she finally got fake boobs!

  3. Fake boobs is suck! I don’t like she anymore. She is liar, here is quote from she’s interview from the last year:
    “- What do you think about fake tits?

    Aleska: I have manny thinks why i don’t like… i don’t like the fake thinks. For me too, more nice the natural girl. and also i do manny sport and i think the silicon not comfort for this. i know my tits not super big but my all ex-boyfriend, boyfriend better like this so it is important for me.
    So WTF? I dissapointed.