Boobjob – Got Gisele aka Love Gisele

GotGisele aka LoveGisele, Tiffany Bastow – Before and After breast implants

Got Gisele aka Love Gisele natural tits Got Gisele aka Love Gisele new fake tits

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11 thoughts on “Boobjob – Got Gisele aka Love Gisele”

  1. Same girl, totally different look  Tiffany Bastow is gorgeoous; slender, pretty eyes and hair. So is Giselle, with those mind-bending breasts (how did she gain so many cup sizes from such petite but lovely breasts is beyond me. Tip that surgeon! ). Plus she filled out in the thigh and ass department, in the most perfect way. It suits her frame and new boobs wonderfully. Personally, I like the latter. Diff strokes, diff folks. We chatted once. She is super sweet. Genuine and down to earth.