Briana Banderas Boobjob

Briana Banderas Boobjob – Before and After breast implants

Briana Banderas (twitter, instagram) aka Briana Bounce, is a Porn Star from Russia. She was born in Moscow on December 25, 1996.

She was formerly known as Briana Bounce, after getting married to Marco Banderas, a Uruguayan-born Spanish pornographic actor, she has taken the name Briana Banderas.

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After 1


6 thoughts on “Briana Banderas Boobjob”

  1. Her breasts were ugly and misshapen before. Now they are the way a woman’s breasts are supposed to be

  2. She looks so much better! It seems like Central and South Americans are really good about getting their girls to get boob jobs! That’s awesome! Fake is so much better!

  3. Are you guys fucking crazy?? Her breasts were perfect.. these guys posted a “not so flattering” picture. now her boos look fake hard and ridiculous… Fuck she had the perfect body before


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