Peneloppe Ferre Boobjob

Peneloppe Ferre Boobjob – Before and After breast implants

Peneloppe Ferre (twitter) aka Penelope, Sexy Anna, is a Porn Star from Hungary. She was born in Budapest on October 8, 1992 and she is 165 cm – 5 feet 5 inches tall.

Peneloppe starts working as model in porn industry on 2011, and she was complete natural with very small titties and innocent natural face. Here when she was natural and now with fake boobs, fake lips and botox.

Peneloppe Ferre boobjob
Peneloppe Ferre before and after fake boobies

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Lilli Vanilli boobjobs

Lilli Vanilli boobjobs – Before and After first and second boob jobs

Lilli Vanilli (twitter, mydirtyhobby) is a Porn Star from Germany. She was born on December 8, 1991.

Here after her first small boobjob and now with bigger and faker tits, with great bolt-on with nipples on the upper half of tits.

Lilli Vanilli boobjobs
Lilli Vanilli boobjobs

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Ana Rose Boobjob

Ana Rose Boobjob – Before and After silicone implants

Ana Rose (twitter, instagram) aka Ana, Anna Rose, Anna, Denisa Deen, Maria, Vanessa is a Porn Star from Czech Republic. She was born in Ostrava on September 5, 1995.

She was a classic girl with no titties, now she has great bolt-on with nipples on the upper half of  tits.

Ana Rose boobjob
Ana Rose before and after fake boobs

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Patty Michova Nosejob

Patty Michova Nosejob – Before and After rhinoplasty

Patty Michova (instagram) is a Porn Star and Adult model from Slovakia. She was born in Trencin on October 26, 1992. She is 165 cm tall (5 feet 6 inches) and she has been active in the porn world since 2013.

Here when she started modeling and now, with her new beautiful face, after rhinoplasty and botox.

Patty Michova rhinoplasty
Patty Michova before and after rhinoplasty

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Rose Monroe Boobjobs

Rose Monroe Boobjobs – Before and After 1st and 2nd breast implants

Rose Monroe (twitter, instagram) aka Rose Lane, Rose Monroe XXX, rMonroex is a Porn Star from Venezuela. She was born in Maracaibo on October 14, 1989. She is 165 cm height (5 feet and 5 inches).

Here with her first small boobjob and now with bigger titties made by Dr Miami.

Rose Monroe boobjobs
Rose Monroe before and after 1st and secod boobjob

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Lana Rhoades Boobjob and Lip Augmentation

Lana Rhoades Boobjob – Before and After breast augmentation and lip injections

Lana Rhoades (twitter, instagram, official site) aka Lana Rhodes, Lana from FTV is an Adult Model, Dancer and Porn Star from United States. She was born in Chicago on September 6, 1996.

She has done her boobies (fat transfer) and lip fillers, although the result is very natural.

Lana Rhoades boobjob
Lana Rhoades before and after new titties

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